NESPF encourages the companies we invest in, to operate to the highest standards of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. As a major long term shareholder, the main tools open to the Fund to influence behaviour is by the responsible exercise of our voting power and engagement on social and environmental factors.

Voting Disclosure

NESPF votes at all Annual General Meetings and extraordinary meetings for companies in which we invest.  Our current service provider is PIRC (Pensions & Investment Research Consultants Ltd), who provide voting advice to the Pension Fund.

The LAPFF (Local Authority Pension Fund Forum) also provide us with research including regular alerts on FTSE 350 companies with serious corporate governance failings. Both sources of information are taken into account when making our voting decisions.

All voting on behalf of our investments with external active Fund Managers is carried out In-house. Voting on our Passive investments is carried out by State Street Global Advisors.

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