Who Can join?

You can join the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) if:

  • You work for a local authority or employer who offers membership to the pension scheme and
  • You are under age 75, and
  • You are not eligible to join another public service pension scheme such as teachers, police or fire fighters

Automatically Joining (Automatic Enrolment)

If you start a job in which you are eligible to join the LGPS (see above), you will automatically be put into the pension scheme if your contract of employment is for 3 months or more.


Choosing to Join

If your contact is for less than 3 months you will be brought into the pension scheme if:

  • you are, or become, an Eligible Jobholder,or
  • your contract is extended for 3 months or more, or
  • alternatively if you opt to join by completing an Opt In form.


Opting Out

If you are brought into the pension scheme you have the right to opt out. However you cannot opt out before you have started your job. To opt out you must complete an Opt Out form.

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