Deferred members (members with pension on hold): View your 2024 pension statement online at My Pension+. Find out more in our recent news article.

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We know pensions can be confusing. Sometimes retirement can seem so far away or maybe you just bury your head in the sand. But we are here to help. We want to make things simple, so you can focus on your future without having to worry about your pension.  

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  • When can I take my pension?

    You can take your pension anytime from age 55. But if you take your pension before your Normal Pension Age, it will likely be reduced as it is being paid early.

  • I want to know how much my pension is

    The best and quickest way to see the value of your pension, is register and login to your My Pension+ account. This will show the most recent value of your pension and you can run estimates to see how much it could be when you retire. 

  • How do I update my personal details?

    You can update your contact information, death grant nomination and bank details instantly through your My Pension+ account. Alternatively you can email the Fund at Be sure to include your name, date of birth and National Insurance number so we can update the right record. 

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At a glance - 2022/23 highlights

We are dedicated to looking after the pension rights of our members and believe greater transparency on our performance will lead to better outcomes for all members and stakeholders.

Our Performance
  • 76,878


  • £5.8bn

    Fund Value

  • £83.3m

    Income from Investments

  • £177m

    Pension Benefits Paid out

  • £164.2m

    Total Contributions

  • 44

    Number of Employers

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