Transferring Benefits

Can I transfer my pension into the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)?

You may be able to transfer in pension benefits from another provider so all your benefits are in one place. However only certain pensions can be transferred in. The Fund can only accept pension benefits from other LGPS providers and from providers which are part of the Public Sector Transfer Club. A list of transfer club members is available on the Civil Service Pension Scheme website. 

You have 12 months from joining the Scheme to transfer your other pension benefits. If you wish to transfer, please complete the Previous Pension Information form.

What if I have other pension benefits within the Local Government Pension Scheme?

If you already have benefits with another Local Government Pension Scheme Fund you can choose to either move them to the North East Scotland Pension Fund or keep them separate. To move them please complete our Previous Pension Information form.

If you are already paying into the LGPS and you get another job where you are eligible for membership of the scheme, you can be a member in all positions. You will have a separate pension account for each job and receive a separate pension for each at retirement.

If you already have benefits with the North East Scotland Pension Fund, you can choose to keep your existing and new benefits separate or join them together. When you join we will write to you asking what you would like to do.

In either of the above cases you have 12 months from joining to make a decision.

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