Pension Payments

Your pension is paid on the 15th of each month. If the 15th falls on a weekend or on a bank holiday, it will be paid the previous working day.

Pay Dates

Month Pay Date
April 2024 Monday 15th
May 2024 Wednesday 15th
June 2024 Friday 14th
July 2024 Monday 15th
August 2024 Thursday 15th
September 2024 Friday 13th
October 2024 Tuesday 15th
November 2024 Friday 15th
December 2024 Friday 13th
January 2025 Wednesday 15th
February 2025 Friday 14th
March 2025 Friday 14th

Protecting Your Pension

The Fund will never call members to ask for their bank details. If we have any questions about bank details we would email or write to you. Similarly we do not accept bank detail changes over the phone. You can find out more about pension scams and keeping you pension safe on our scams page.

  • Changing Bank Details

    If you want to change the account your pension goes into, you must either:

    • update your bank details securely online via My Pension+, or
    • write to the Fund providing us with your National Insurance number and new bank details, or
    • complete a Bank Mandate form.

    We cannot accept change to bank details over the phone for security purposes.

    Be aware that payroll closes approximately 1 week before your pension is due to be paid (normally 15th of the month). As such, if your bank details are given later than this your pension will be paid into your old account, rather than the new one. Pension payments will then be paid into your new account from the following month.

  • Payslips

    The Fund does not issue monthly payslips. Payslips are only issued:

    • In April to confirm any pensions increase
    • If there is a change in the net worth of your pension by £0.50 or more
    • If your tax code changes and this affects your pension net worth

    If you wish to check your payslips you can do so online with My Pension+ - our secure online service which gives you instant access to information on your pension.

  • First Pension Payment

    Once we have received all your retirement paperwork we will process your pension for payment. Pensions are paid on the 15th of each month, with payroll closing around 1 week before. So your first payment will depend when we receive your paperwork. 

    If you are getting a lump sum, this will be paid around 10 working days after we receive your paperwork.

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