For transparency and to allow members to plan, we have published our current service timescales.

Service Timescales

We aim to process requests within the below timescales. If any additional information is required to proceed with your request we will contact you again and let you know whether this might cause any delay.

We would ask that you do not contact us before the timeframe above has passed, as this can add to workloads and possibly cause delays.

Request Timescale
Actual Pension Calculation 10-15 working days from when all relevant information is received
Transfer Requests Up to 3 months
Pension Benefit Estimates 6-8 weeks. Remember My Pension+ allows you to run your own estimates to see what your pension will be at different dates. In most cases the system uses the same figures and calculations that our own officers use
Retirement Options If you are retiring and taking your pension, your pension options will be sent anywhere between 6 weeks before your retiral date to 6 weeks after depending on when we are notified of your retiral date
General Queries 6-8 weeks
APC Requests 6-8 weeks

Where To Find Information

If you have a question there are a range of resources available to you to answer your question:

Our website

There are dedicated member areas that provide detailed information on aspects relevant to each member group. Active (paying into your pension), Deferred (your pension with us is currently on hold) and Pensioner (you are receiving your NESPF pension).

My Pension+

We encourage members to register and login to our member self-service system, My Pension+. Here you can access all sorts of details about your pension:

  • View your current pension value
  • Update your contact information and death grant preferences
  • Downloading forms and documents and resubmitting them to us
  • Easy to use calculators, to see what your pension could be at different ages
  • Check out P60s and payslips


Still need help?

You can submit an enquiry through our website, or call or email us. Full contact details are available on our Contact Us.



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