What do we do

The North East Scotland Pension Fund (NESPF) administers the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) for employers located throughout the North and North East of Scotland. With an asset value of over £5.8 billion and 76,000 members we are the third largest fund in Scotland.

Participation and Eligibility

NESPF provides a pension for employees of Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council and The Moray Council as well as around 40 other public or charitable bodies. Elected members serving as councillors are also eligible to join.

Teachers are not eligible to join the LGPS as they have their own pension arrangements. Likewise operational staff in Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue service have their own pension schemes. Participating employers should advise their staff what pension scheme they can join or belong to.

Who runs the Pension Fund

Whilst day to day work is carried out by fully trained pension staff, overall responsibility for the North East Scotland Pension Fund has been delegated to the Pensions Committee.

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  • Annual Report and Accounts

    Produced annually to keep members, employers and other stakeholders informed about the administration and performance of the North East Scotland Pension Fund.

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  • Investment

    Contributions received from employees and employers are invested by NESPF in order to meet long term costs. The Fund invests in a range of assets including equities, bonds and property in order to maximise returns whilst spreading investment risk.

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  • Performance

    Performance relating to key administration tasks declared in our Pension Administration Strategy and compliance with The Pension Regulator Code of Practice 14.

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