Everything You Need To Know

We all know pensions can be daunting but here you'll find everything to help you understand how your pension works, your options for paying more or less, transfers and tax.

Calculating Your Pension

Over time, there have been several changes to the pension scheme. As a result there are different ways of calculating your pension depending on when you were a member.

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Costs & Contributions

  • Contribution Rates

    How much you pay depends on how much you earn. Learn about how contribution rates are set and find out how much you will pay with our Cost & Contributions Calculator.

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  • Increasing Your Pension

    By paying extra contributions you can give yourself a bigger pension to enjoy when you retire. The Fund offers two ways for you to pay more, to get more. 

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  • Reducing Your Contributions

    There's no need to stop paying if contributions are too much. With 50/50 you can reduce your monthly payments while continuing to save for your future.

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