AVC Guidance

If you apply to transfer, or take payment of your AVCs you will be required to take, or opt out, of Pension Wise guidance.

Pension Wise is a service from MoneyHelper. It is a free, impartial service sponsored by the Government to help you understand your AVC options.

Because it is such an important decision, we are not allowed to proceed with your application until you tell us that you have either:

  • received guidance from Pensions Wise (in connection with your application to take or transfer your AVCs in the LGPS), or
  • you do not wish to take Pension Wise guidance.

This is a legal requirement.

If you have applied to transfer your AVCs, there are a few exemptions that may mean you do not need to be referred to Pension Wise.

More information regarding the requirements to take guidance will be provided to you with your transfer/retirement paperwork.

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