Policies and Statements

The policies and statements below outline how the North East Scotland Pension Fund is managed in relation to administration, governance and funding.

Document Description
Breaches of Law This policy sets out the procedures to be followed in identifying, managing and where necessary, reporting breaches of law.
Conflicts of Interest Policy Details the principles members of the Pension Board are expected to follow in identifying, monitoring and managing conflicts of interest.
Communications Policy Provides information on the frequency, format and method of communicating with scheme members, employers and other stakeholders.
Compliance with the 6 Myners Principles Provides details of the principles and the Fund's compliance with effect from 1 April 2010.
Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Outlines the Fund's Corporate Governance policy including our approach to voting and socially responsible investment.
Data Protection Policy This policy detail's the Fund's responsibilities in terms of data protection and provides an overview of how the Fund meets data protection obligations in its working practices.
Funding Strategy Statement Details how employers pension liabilities are best met going forward.
Governance Compliance Statement Sets out the extent to which governance arrangements comply with best practice.
Governance Policy Statement Documents the governance arrangements of the Pension Fund including the Fund's Governance Structure, Statements and access to information.
Investment Policy Sets out the Fund's Investment Policy.
Overpayment of Pension Policy Covers the Fund's policy and processes following an overpayment of pension.
Pension Administration Strategy (PAS) Ensures delivery of high quality service the PAS outline expected service levels of both the Fund and employers
Pension Board Appointments Details the appointment process for the local Pension Board.
Record Keeping Policy Establishes the arrangements for reporting breaches of the law.
Statement of Investment Principles Details the Fund's investment strategy, investment management structure, policy for monitoring performance and investment objectives.
Training Policy Outlines training areas and schedules as well as performance reviews for members of our Pension Board and Pensions Committee.
Cyber Security Policy Details the Fund's aims to ensure that cyber risk management and cyber governance are integrated into the overall risk management
approach of the Fund.

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