Your Retirement Options

There are a number of different retirement packages available depending on the age and circumstances under which you wish to retire. 

Early Retirement

You can take your pension anytime from age 55 but if you take it before your Normal Pension Age, it will be reduced for early payment.


Retirement at Normal Pension Age

If you take your pension at your Normal Pension Age, it will be paid in full without any reductions.  


Late Retirement

If you retire after your Normal Pension Age, your pension will be paid in full. In fact it will actually be increased as it is being paid late. The calculations for increasing your pension are quite complicated and vary depending on when you reach your Normal Pension Age and when you were paying in. But you can see how much your pension might increase by if you take it late by using the calculators in your My Pension+ account. 


Ill Health Retirement

If at any age you are too ill to continue working you can apply for ill health retirement. If accepted your pension benefits will be paid immediately and without a reduction for early payment. 

To apply for ill health retirement please contact us and include supporting documentation from your doctor. We will issue some forms for you to complete and then pass your case onto an Independent Occupational Health Advisor (OHA) to assess your health and ability to continue working. The Fund will then make a decision based on the OHA assessment whether to grant ill health retirement or not. If approved, your pension benefits will be payable in full, without any reductions. If ill health retirement is not approved, you have the right to appeal the decision. Find out more about our complaints procedure.

What is Normal Pension Age?

Normal Pension Age (NPA) is simply the age you can take your pension benefits in full, unreduced. Normal Pension Age differs depending on when you were paying into the Pension Scheme:

  • Before 1 April 2015:NPA = 65
  • On or After 1 April 2015: NPA = State Pension Age, with a minimum of 65. That means those who have a State Pension Age lower than 65, still have a NPA of 65. As your Normal Pension Age is linked to your State Pension Age, if your State Pension Age changes so too will your Normal Pension Age. You can find out your State Pension Age at

You cannot take your pre and post April 2015 benefits separately. They must be taken at the same time.

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