Death Benefits

If you die before your pension can be paid, there are a number of benefits that may be paid to your loved ones. The Fund should be notified as soon as possible of a members death. The sooner we are told, the quicker we can establish what death benefits are payable and start paying them.

Death Grant

This a tax free cash lump sum payable upon your death and is equal to:

  • the current value of your deferred lump sum, if you left the LGPS before 1 April 2009
  • five times the value of your deferred pension, if you left on or after 1 April 2009.

You can tell us who you would like to receive this grant by updating your death grant nominations automatically via My Pension or by completing an Expression of Wish form. The Fund does not have to follow your wishes but we will do so wherever we can.

Be aware if you are also an active member (i.e. paying into the scheme) then you will only receive one death grant. You will either receive the death in service lump sum or the deferred lump sum, whichever is greater.

Survivor's Pension

A survivor's pension is payable to your

  • Husband/Wife, or
  • Civil Partner, or
  • *Eligible Cohabiting partner

This is an annual pension paid to them every year until they die. How much a survivor's pension is depends on when you were a member of the scheme and for how long. You can view the value of your survivor's pension via My Pension.

*For a cohabiting partner to be eligible for a partner pension, you must be free to marry or enter into a civil partnership with your cohabiting partner, and the following conditions must be met for a continuous period of at least 2 years at the date of death:

  • You and your cohabiting partner have been living together as if you were husband/wife or civil partners
  • Neither of you have been living with someone else as though you/they were husband/wife or civil partners
  • Either your cohabiting partner is financially dependent on you, or you have been financially interdependent on each other.

Pensions for cohabiting partners are only available to those who were active members, paying into the Scheme on or after 1 April 2009.

You can tell us of a cohabiting partner by completing the Notification of Cohabiting Partner form.


Children's Pension

A pension is also payable to eligible children as long as they meet one of the following:

  • They are under age 18, or
  • They are aged 18 or over and under 23 and in full-time education or training, or
  • They are unable to gain employment because of physical or mental impairment and either under age 23 or permanently dependent on you.

The pension is only payable as long as they meet the above criteria. For example, if they leave full time education at 21, their pension would stop.

Eligible children include:

  • natural or adopted children
  • step children or
  • children accepted by the deceased as a member of the family and were dependent on the member at the date of death.

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