Pension Committee

Aberdeen City Council as the administering authority has delegated responsibility for the administration of the Pension Fund to the Pensions Committee. The Committee carries out a role similar to that of the trustees of a private sector pension scheme and is the key decision maker for all matters regarding administration and investment management.


The Committee consists of nine Aberdeen City Council elected members, all of whom have equal voting rights:

  • Councillor M Tauqeer Malik (Convener)
  • Councillor John Reynolds (Vice Convener)
  • Councillor Dell Henrickson
  • Councillor John Cooke
  • Councillor Neil MacGregor
  • Councillor Philip Bell
  • Councillor Barney Crockett
  • Councillor Steve Delaney
  • Councillor John Wheeler


The Committee meets on a quarterly basis to address matters such as risk management, administration, funding, investment strategy and performance. 

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