NESPF Tracing Exercise Underway

In August 2023, the NESPF entered a contract with Target Professional Services to carry out an extensive tracing exercise. The purpose of this was to locate members of the Fund we have lost contact with.

It is important that the NESPF holds accurate details for all our members so we can maintain communication and pay out any pension members are entitled to.

Does this affect me?

The tracing exercise is currently ongoing. The main categories of members being traced are:

  • Deferred members (members with pension on hold)
  • Members due a refund who have yet to claim it
  • Pensioner members

The above types of members have benefits with us that they may be able to take or transfer, thus it is critical for us to make contact with them.

What do I need to do?

We have now obtained address details to allow us to contact members and will be reaching out to those in the above categories who we had previously lost contact with to verify these details are correct. A letter is currently being issued explaining the process. A form is also included asking members to complete their details so we can verify their identity.

If you receive this communication, we kindly request that you complete and return the form in the pre-paid envelope provided. Alternatively, we have also included our phone number if you would prefer to verify your details by telephone.

Please note if you do not receive a letter from us with regards to the above, then no further action is required to be taken by yourself.

A reminder that if your details have recently changed, you can use My Pension+ to update your address, bank details and death grant nomination details. If you require to update personal details such as name or title, please contact us.

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