Local Authority Pension Fund Forum

To enhance our Governance Strategy, we joined LAPFF in April 2007.

LAPFF brings together a diverse range of local authority pension funds (87 funds and 6 pools) with combined assets of over £350 billion. Formed in 1990, it:

  • provides a unique opportunity for discussion of investment issues and shareholder action by Britain's local authority pension funds
  • promotes the investment interests of local authority pension funds and maximises their influence as shareholders whilst promoting corporate social responsibility and high standards of corporate governance amongst the companies in which they invest.

LAPFF investment policies have important implications for their beneficiaries, local communities, council taxpayers and the wider economy. The powerful influence gained by such funds acting together as shareholders on issues of common concern has considerable potential in relation to companies where they invest.

The Forum meets quarterly and provides an opportunity for discussion and debate on a broad range of investment issues concerned with shareholder responsibilities and action. Membership brings considerable benefits in the fast changing world of pension fund investment with meetings providing an opportunity for discussion and debate. Members of the Forum construct agendas themselves and meetings are serviced by PIRC Limited, as the appointed research and engagement partner to the Forum.

PIRC is the UK's leading independent research and advisory consultancy providing services to institutional investors on corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. Since 1986 it has been the pioneer and champion of good corporate governance within the UK.

For more information and access to LAPFF's Newsletters, visit www.lapfforum.org.

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