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If you have been a member of the NESPF for some time, you might be familiar with our member self-service portal, My Pension.

However, if you’re a more recent member or have not yet used it, My Pension might be relatively unknown to you. Either way, My Pension is a useful resource for keeping up to date with your pension pot.

Like online banking, you can use My Pension from the comfort of your own home in your own time. Our secure online tool gives you full access to the details we hold about you and your pension. Depending on the type of member you are, i.e. an active member currently paying into the scheme, a deferred member with pension on hold or a pensioner member receiving a monthly payment from us, My Pension has a range of different functions.

All members of the scheme can:

  • Update address and contact information
  • Make or change death grant nominations
  • View your current pension value/details
  • Submit queries
  • Access newsletters, guides and forms
  • Send forms, certificates and other documents electronically to the Fund
  • Use pension projectors to estimate pension under different circumstances

Pensioner members of the Fund can access additional features such as:

  • Viewing payslips and P60s
  • Updating bank account details

My Pension is continually undergoing development to ensure it offers the best possible service to our members. One of the most recent additions to the portal include the ability for our deferred members nearing pension age being able to login and set the date they want their pension from, meaning it is processed and paid easily and quickly without requiring several letters, emails and phone calls.

We currently have over 45,000 registered members using My Pension, which equates to around half our membership with over 3,000 calculations being performed each month. As time goes on, My Pension will include more and more features to make our service more efficient and advanced. This offers many advantages to members as well as the Fund. For example, the recent online move of annual benefit statements has saved over 160,000 sheets of paper each year by providing statements online.

Using My Pension is simple. All you need to do to register is visit My Pension and follow the steps to sign up. Once you have signed up the first time, you simply need to log in to use the website. For more information click here

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