Pension Administration Strategy

The Fund is committed to providing a high quality pension administration service to both scheme members and employers. The Pension Administration Strategy details responsibilities, service standards, levels of performance and policies required to deliver statutory requirements for the LGPS and comply with requirements of the Pension Regulator.

PAS quarterly reporting

Quarter Period
Q2 Jul to Sep 2021
Q1 Apr to Jun 2021
Q4 Jan to Mar 2021
Q3 Oct to Dec 2020
Q2 Jul to Sep 2020
Q1 Apr to Jun 2020

Contribution Rates 2022/21

Contribution rates for employees which will apply from 1 April 2022.


Ill Health Retirement Guidance

As first instance decision makers it is important that employers familiarise themselves with the process to ensure that they have a robust procedure in place. It is essential that any decision taken is made in line with guidance issued by SPPA.


Certificate of Protection

A Certificate of Protection ensures that a members benefits are not negatively affected in situations whereby their pay is reduced or restricted through no fault of their own. The Fund has developed a guide to assist employers understand Certificates of Protection and their responsibilities.


Shared Cost AVC's/Salary Sacrifice

Our AVC provider Prudential is now able to accept employer contributions into members AVCs and can facilitate employers who wish to offer AVCs as a salary sacrifice arrangement.

Prudential recommend that employers take specialist tax advice when setting up this arrangement and require all employers to meet their Terms and Conditions. If you have any queries or would like to implement this type of arrangement please email

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