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Privacy Notice

We hold certain information about you ("personal data") which we use to administer the Fund and pay benefits. This privacy notice explains why we collect personal data; what we use it for, who we share it with and what your rights are.

Who we are

Aberdeen City Council is the administering authority for the North East Scotland Pension Fund. The Fund can be contacted at Business Hub 16, 3rd Floor-West, Marischal College, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1AB.


Our lawful basis for processing your personal information

The Fund collects and holds various information about members to:

  • administer your pension benefits, and
  • to maintain or improve our service

This includes the need to process your data to contact you, to calculate, secure and pay your benefits, for reference purposes (e.g. when we assess how much money is needed to provide members' benefits and how that money should be invested) and to manage liabilities and administer the Fund in general.

The legal basis for our use of your personal data will generally be one or more of the following:

  • We need to process your personal data to satisfy our legal obligations; and/or
  • We need to process your personal data to carry out a task in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority in our capacity as a public body; and/or
  • We need to process your personal data for the legitimate interests of administering and managing the Fund and liabilities under it, calculating, securing and paying benefits and performing our obligations and exercising any rights, duties and discretions the Fund has; and/or
  • We need to process your personal data to meet our contractual obligations to you in relation to the Fund (e.g. under an agreement that you will pay additional voluntary contributions to the Fund).


Memorandum of Understanding


The North East Scotland Pension Fund will keep this Privacy Notice under regular review. Last Updated: February 2020