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Late Retirement

What is classified as late retirement?

If you retire after your Normal Pension Age - you will be taking late retirement. Your Normal Pension Age depends on when you paid into the Pension Scheme:

  • For membership before 1 April 2015: your normal pension age is 65
  • Membership on or after 1 April 2015: your normal pension age is the same as your state pension age, with a minimum age of 65. That means those members whose State Pension Age is less than 65, still have a normal pension age of 65 in the scheme.

Note you cannot take your pre and post April 2015 benefits separately - they must be taken at the same time.

How much is my pension increased by? 

How much your pension increases when you take late retirement depends on when you reach  your Normal Pension Age (NPA) and when you were paying into the Scheme.

You can see what your pension might be if you take it later, by using our online system, My Pension