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This area is for members currently receiving a pension from the North East Scotland Pension Fund.


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Pensions Increase 2020

Pensions will increase by 1.7% from 6 April 2020. More information on the pensions increase and how it is applied can be found on the Pension Increase page.

Tax Codes 2020/21

If you have received a tax code notification from the HMRC, please check that the code HMRC have provided matches the code on your payslip. If it does not you must contact HMRC and ask them to reissue a tax code notification. The Pension Fund cannot change tax codes and can only use the code HMRC provide us so you must contact them. Details can be found here.

P60s Issued

P60s were issued to all pensioners in April. If you have lost your P60, you can login to My Pension and simply print off another copy. This is in an HMRC approved format so can be used for official use.